Ana Pellón Cano

Ana Pellón Cano

                                          Foreign Language Teacher


I moved from my home in the Basque Country, Northern Spain, in 2002. I came to Texas as a 3rd grade "Visiting Teacher" under the Dual Way Bilingual Program, which is sponsored by both the Spanish and US governments. In 2005 I started teaching High School Spanish at Henderson, and then Jacksonville, until I made it here to Carthage in 2014. After teaching levels II, III, and IV, this year I will be teaching Spanish I again!

Back at home, I used to teach English as a Foreign Language. Languages have played an important role in my life. I loved my Latin and Greek classes when I was in high school but English was always my favorite subject since I was 6. I knew I would become a teacher in a foreign country someday! So I attended the University of Deusto, Bilbao, where I achieved my Masters in English, with a minor in British & North American Literature.

In my "spare" time I enjoy traveling and paying attention to people's accents wherever I go, hiking, taking pictures of landscapes, reading, and knitting. I can speak Spanish, English, and Basque. Italian is my next one on the list. I am also crazy about Ireland and everything related to the Irish culture.