Student Council

Sign up for the StuCo Remind 101.  
Get info from the "StuCo" table by the DRAMA CLASSROOM. 

How to run for CHS
 Class Officer?

  1. See Mrs. Funderburk to sign your name (first and last) and what office you are running for on the “Sign Up Here" page.
  2. Take an application.
  3. Complete the application & turn it in to Mrs. Funderburk in the Drama Room.                                                  By: Thursday, August 24, 2017
  4. Campaign.  Make sure that your posters follow the guidelines!!! 
    1. Campaign posters may be displayed Thursday, 24 through Wednesday, August 30. Each candidate is responsible for removing his / her posters by 1:00, Wednesday, August 30.
    2. Slogans MUST be in good taste. Do not use questionable wording.
    3. Candy / Gum wrappers may be used on posters, but they must be empty.
    4. Each candidate may display a limit of five posters. Banners count as posters. These must be displayed on the tile part of the walls in the hall. No other campaign materials may be displayed. Displaying on lockers is allowed. Campaign “buttons” using straight pins are not allowed.
    5. No student should remove, destroy, or alter another student's campaign materials.
    6. Use masking tape ONLY!!! Posters may only be on tile.

You MUST follow all guidelines COMPLETELY in order to remain in the Officer race!


Any candidate not complying with ALL rules will be removed from the ballot, or possibly removed form office.

Students will vote in their 4th period class Wednesday, August 30.

Election Day is Wednesday, August 30.

CHS StuCo & Carter Blood Center host 4 drives @ CHS per school year.  
Dates for 2017-2018:
*September 6
*November 15
*January 10
*April 18

Sign up for an appointment with Mrs. Funderburk.

Everyone giving blood MUST show a photo ID.

Students that are 16 may give blood IF they have a permission form signed by a parent.  This form must be turned in to Mrs. Funderburk one day before the drive.

Seniors (2017-2018) working toward receiving a "Red Cord," please see
Mrs. Funderburk for info.

The Class of 2018 must give blood 2 times either their Junior or Senior year to receive a "Red Cord."