Tracy Kennedy, M.S.

Tracy Kennedy

Why or how does one become a chemist?

Originally from the Dallas area, c
hemistry was a love at first sight for me during my junior year at L.D.Bell High School. (Chemistry was a puzzle, its answers elusive but always black and white. No opinions, no drama, just right or wrong).  Chemistry wasn't my first love: that was band and color guard.  I ran west to pursue music and marching with the best Goin' Band in the land...and of course Chemistry, at Texas Tech University.  
   Seven years and two chemistry degrees later my career choice was definitive: material science, engineering, and big industry. Hoechst-Celanese commodities and plastics was a lucrative career in the world of thermodynamics but short lived because Northrop Grumman-Lockheed Martin stole me away into the secret world of stealth technology and missiles.    
  Finally, enters the third and most overwhelming love of my and a child. Definitely not wanting to raise a child in downtown Dallas, and loving visits to East Texas, we relocated to Carthage. Industry pays high salaries to scientists, yes, but the hours are long and responsibilities often dangerous and I was focused on raising a little boy.  
   Now appeared a new goal in my of children and back to college I went.  
Your chemistry teacher is a 2003 graduate of SFA College of Education.  I have taught all levels of chemistry, and IPC, for a total of 8 years now at Carthage High School.  I want all students who pass thru my classroom to know the strength the mind God gave you. Most of you will never use chemistry directly in your future careers, but wherever you go, you must think for yourself and solve your own problems.  During the next few months, I promise to give you all the pieces of a puzzle, and guidance through your struggle, but I reserve the sole right to sit back and observe your proud expression when you know you got it right.  In my class you will work hard and be proud of your accomplishments. Chemistry class will be a memory of a job well done and a prize well earned. 
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