Senior 2023 VIP Painted Parking Space Information


Seniors Only 


  • To beautify the campus
  • To build school spirit
  • To continue a senior tradition
  • To support the Student Fund




    The senior parking lot spaces numbered 18-35 are the spaces reserved for the seniors who choose to paint their space. First-come, first-served rule for purchasing a painted parking space in the senior lot.


    *Please note that allotted parking spaces are given on a first come first serve basis. 

    Step 1: Purchase a CHS parking permit from the Principal's Office.

    What you need: 

    • A check for $45 made payable to Carthage High School or cash
    • The completed application for the permit (see attached) 
    • A copy of your driver's license

    Step 2: Choose a space to reserve for painting 

    What you need: 

    • A signed copy of the Reserved Painted Parking Space Contract (attached below)
    • A copy of the design for your parking spot MUST be attached and must be approved prior to painting; this design will stay on file in the office, so make a copy for yourself.
    • All designs must be completed on the Senior Parking Design Request form and returned to the principal's office for approval by the principal. Your design should be clearly drawn on this form and must include the colors you will be using on your parking space.
    • Once your design has been reviewed, check with the principal's office to know if your design was approved. You will be called to let you know if it is unacceptable or if any changes need to be made.
    • The design may not exceed the parking space outline, and it must be school appropriate and follow the below guidelines. 

    Mandatory Paint Options: Paint can only be water based exterior latex; no spray, reflective or fluorescent permitted. You will provide your own paint. (Consider sharing with others)


    No offensive language, pictures, or symbols. 

    No negative or rude language (Be nice). 

    No "gang-style tagging." 

    No double entendre's (Double meanings). . You may use YOUR NAME, If you want to use a nickname it must be approved. (A boyfriend's or girlfriend's name is NOT allowed.)

    Prohibited items will be painted over at the discretion of Administration. Disciplinary action may be taken and you may forfeit your right to a parking space and/or to park on campus. 


    Friday, July 29, and July 30 - You must begin painting on July 29, at 8:30 a.m. so that an administrator can check your space. If you do not finish painting on the 29th, you can continue to paint on the 30th, but you must be completed by the end of the day July 31. An administrator will be available if needed. 

    Step 1: Check in with school personnel at your assigned parking space at 8:30 AM. You must have your paint approved at this time. 

    What you need: 

    • Your paint
    • Your copy of your approved design - so you will have your approved template to follow. You must follow this design exactly - no changes allowed.

    Step 2: Begin painting. What you need: 

    • Your copy of your approved design 
    • A broom to sweep your parking space before painting. This will save you a lot of time.)
    • Paintbrushes, paint, or painter's tape and any other supplies you may need.

    Step 3: Clean up. 

    After you have finished painting your design, your area must be clean. All trash, cups, containers, etc. must be cleaned. 

    PRIOR to your last day of school: 

    Students are required to paint over the design in black water-based exterior latex paint. A designated date will be announced. If you withdraw before the end of school you must paint over the design in black water-based exterior latex paint to be cleared from CHS. 

    Failure to follow these guidelines could cause you to forfeit your privilege to walk across the stage at graduation.

    Student Contract - Reserved Parking Spaces & Senior Parking Design Request Form